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Limitation on characters in cell


I'm making some panels with graphs in Tygron. I do this with graphs from the following javascript library:

To make it work I upload an excel to Tygron and in the cell EXPLANATION is my javascript that show the graph. Unfortunatly in the total number of characters that a cell can contain is 32,767 characters in Excel. I sounds like a lot, but I can hardly show a week of data (see image below).

y using CanvasJS I have to give my data points as follows:

dataPoints: [{ x: new Date(2019,4,29,13,0), y:0 },{ x: new Date(2019,4,29,14,0), y:0 },{ x: new Date(2019,4,29,15,0), y:0 },{ x: new Date(2019,4,29,16,0), y:0 },{ x: new Date(2019,4,29,17,0), y:0 },{ x: new Date(2019,4,29,18,0), y:0 },{ x: new Date(2019,4,29,19,0), y:0 },ect ect ect

These are a lot of characters for just 6 datapoints. But even if I work around this, maybe by using some other javascript library, I am still limited by the maximum characters in a cell

Does anybody have an idea how to work around this and show more data?



  • Hey Ward,

    using a javascript library to draw graphs and do other such things is certainly a good choice. Most important feedback I have for you: the limit of 32.000 characters in a cell is a limit in Excel, but our software can handle greater amounts of data in a cell. I recommend that you place your datapoints splits across multiple cells, and then use a CONCAT function (or TEKST.SAMENV in dutch) to concatenate all your data and code together into a single valid html, css, javascript output. The output will display an error in Excel, but will be read out by the Platform with no issue. I've made applications using much more that 32.000 characters this way.

    Another option you can consider is using an external host/CDN to retrieve the library from. This should save you a lot of additonal characters. Or, if you really want to include it in the project itself, try and use a minified version of the same library.

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