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Maximum water from Inlets


I simulated a discharge wave through a river case study. Therefore, I used multiple inlets with a discharge (see excel file). However, at some point, it seems like my inlets do not provide the system with water anymore.

Is there a possibility that there is a Maximum amount of water imposed to an Inlet? Because, accornanly to my inlet settings, the inlets should provide the system with water over a period of 31 days and keep providing the system with water afterwards.

In the first figure you can see the quick drop at timeframe 80 while the horizontal line should be maintained instead.




  • Hi @Vechtstromen RvR ,

    Can we take a look into your project to see what is happening?

    If you can provide the name of the project and set the Edit rights of your project in the File menu for Tygron Support on read or write we can make a copy of it and take a look at what is happening with the inlets.

    Tygron support team

  • Hello Godelief,

    I have changed the rights to read:)

  • The conversation with Raymond went on by email, but to also add the solution here: there was a bug which occured in certain circumstances which caused the inlets to stop working. This bug is now fixed and in the project the calculation could now be completed successfully.

    Tygron support team

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