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Flow around weirs


I am working on a river case study and in my case water levels are regulated with two weirs. However water levels around my upstream weir (two weirs located next to each other) are too large (50 cm) compared to the measurements at that specific location. Would someone want to clarify how flow is regulated around weirs and how I need to setup a weir in the middle of a river because, it seems that flow is somehow flowing around my weir and not over it? Maybe this has something to do with submerged or free flow or that two weirs next to each other cause a leekage?

(I also changed the manning roughness and the water levels are still significantly large)




  • Hello Raymond,

    Information about the weirs and the behaviour of the weirs can be found on this wiki page:

    I think the behaviour you are talking about is explained in the notes of this page.

    You can either change this mannually or set a weir angel so the Tygron platfrom will adjust this automatically.

    I think you can check in your own project what you have set and/or want to adjust.

    Does this help you?

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

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