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Using created attribute values for indicators


I'm trying to create an indicator that shows the food production of each function with the attribute "food production/m2". I created a new attribute called FOOD_PRODUCTION in the Function value table and I set the values for the corresponding functions such as vegetable gardens or corn fields. My intended following steps on the excel sheet were:

  1. Getting the names of functions with the attribute FOOD_PRODUCTION
  2. Getting the attribute value for each retrieved function
  3. Getting the lotsize of each retrieved function

For the step 1, I used the query:


i also tried:


In the query tool, the conditions are not considered, since it retrieves the name of functions that don't fit the conditions. And when I update the excel, it is marked as an invalid query.

For testing purposes, I tried the query "SELECTNAMEWHERE_FUNCTION_IS_X" and it neither worked.

Besides, I didn't find the query to retrieve an attribue value for a specific function.

I guess I'm doing something wrong. May you please guide me through this?

Thank you very much.



  • Hello Josep,

    We looked into this and came to the conclusion that it is not possible to make use of X queries in regard of Functions.

    That's where it goes wrong.

    Unfortunately we only see a solution in working with the specifc numbers that correspond with the specific functions, as you can see in the TQL tool. (and make a list of the function numbers you need that are relevant for the attributes)

    For the 3 steps you name you want to create, I come up with the following queries:

    1) SELECTNAMEWHERE_FUNCTION_IS_485(and make a list of the function numbers you need that are relevant for the attributes)



    If you build it as mentioned above you don't need to use the min and max clauses.F

    You can also considder to create multiple attributes that are linked to specific functions and create selections with these different attributes but I'm not sure if this is suitebale for your case.

    Also are you aware of the current and maquette clause? Not sure if this is applicable to your case but to be sure I wanted to notify you about this.

    Please look at this wiki page to read more about this.

    I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • I guessed the tab 'current' is active when platform is in 'current situtation' and tab 'maquette' is active when the game is running. But maybe I'm wrong.

  • Hello Josep,

    Yes when you are working on editing your baseline project and at the start of a session the map is selected on current.

    When you perform an action during a test run or a session you switch to maquette because you are planning in a future situation than.

    When you make calculations in Excel it an be needed to request the current situation and the maquette situation to make a comparison.

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

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