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Batching the number of floors


I imported geodata with an attribute which is number of floors. Is it possible to set the number of floors of all buildings using this attribute?

Thank you,

Josep Pueyo-Ros



  • Hey Josep,

    Setting the amount of floors explicitly based on your provided dataset (either while importing or afterwards) is a good suggestion. Currently, it requires a bit of a circuitous route. When you import constructions, you can import them with the following attributes:


    This will "clamp" the valid setting for the amount of floors of those constructions. If you then save the project, close the session, and reload the session, the constructions will be reinitialized with a valid amount of floors, which can only be the value you have specified. If you are worried about overwriting your existing data through saving your project, you can also save a separate version of your project.

    Note that not only can you import a new set of constructions, in the "Import Method" step you will also be presented with the option to update existing data with the attributes you provide. So you can prepare a GeoJSON file with the data as you desire it, and then upload it to apply it to your existing data.

    For more information on Function Values, and how they map to specific attribute names, please see

    For more information on importing Geo data, please see

    Kind regards!

  • Hi, thank you for your response. I guess it works with any of the predefined attributes, doesn't it?

    However, I understood that, using this method, the modification is done to the function values. So, all the buildings of this function will have the same amount of floors. What I was interested in is in setting different amount of floors for buildings within the same function. That is, for instance, classic midlevel house with different amount of floors set by the attribute I created. Now, it can be done once at a time by modifying the floors parameter in the section of building. Is it possible?

    Thank you.

  • edited February 24

    Hey Josep,

    Currently the "floors" parameter of sections of constructions cannot be directly affected through import options or attributes. For this reason, the currently viable route is through the attributes I mentioned in my previous post, which then force the "floors" parameter to have only one permitted value, specifically the value that you want.

    For completeness sake, I will briefly reference our wiki regarding functions and the inheritance of their values:

    Simply put, there are 3 levels at which function values can exist: Functions, Overriding functions, and Constructions. If you have a construction with a specific function value (or attribute) set to it, it will use that value rather than what is dictated by its function. If a construction does not have a specific value set to it, the value of its function is used instead. Those functions in turn can be based on other functions (making them overriding functions). If they have a specific value defined for them, that's the value used for the construction, otherwise, the value of the function they are based on is used.

    When importing constructions, you are only importing constructions. Although you can select (or map) which functions the constructions are intended to have, you are only adding constructions to your project. If the constructions imported have specific attributes (and you choose to import those attributes), then those constructions will have those attributes (and/or function values, if they match the attributes of function values). Thus each construction imported may have the same function, but can have specific function values overridden for only those specific constructions.

    By using the method described in my previous post, the amount of floors will be clamped to a specific value for the specific construction for which those attributes are defined with those specific values. You can import multiple constructions, at the same time, which all have those same attributes, but set to different values appropriate for the amount of floors you want for each construction. Any constructions created before or after your import action, will still have the default values from their applicable function.

    Kind regards!

  • Hi,

    I tried to set the number of floors by creating a Gejson with the attributes:




    as Rudolf recommended. However, when I upload the geojson to Tygron, it overrides the number of max and min floors but not the current amount of floors in the section (I attach a screen capture):

    I can't attach the geojson (I guess it's too large), You can download it from this link in case you want to look at it:

    May you please tell what I'm doing wrong?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Josep,

    I know what you mean. We discovered this is a bug and we filed this already. This is fixed and will be released with the big LTS release of upcomming Friday.

    As a work around (for now), you can implement the GeoJson and save the project, close it and open the project again.

    This forces the default settings of the section part to be updated with the new values from the GeoJson.

    Can you try this?

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Hi,

    it worked.

    Thank you!

  • Great!! Thank you for the feedback :)

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

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