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Is it possible to create new functions with their own visualisation in the 3d-world?

I need to create new functions to use Tygron for the implementation of urban farming nature-based solutions such as garden roofs, living walls...

So I need to create new functions not only by changing the values of already existing attributes but creating completely new functions with their own visualisation. Even, I may need to create a new category in the buildings list.

Is it possible on Tygron's platform?

Thank you.


  • Hi there!

    Creating a new visualization from scratch is not something the software allows. However, using a few of the built-in functionalities, you can create more varied functions in your project.

    You can create a new function, based on already existing functions: . The new function will inherit the visualization of the old function. But the new functions can have their function values, such as their roof colors and wall colors modified. By taking any function, and setting its wall colors to green, you have a basic though fair approximation of a construction with living walls.

    To touch on your final remark, it is not possible to create new categories of functions. However, depending on your exact needs it is very likely you can achieve your goals using existing function value or user-defined attributes.

    Will this suit your needs sufficiently?

  • A short addition from my side, maybe you are looking for a way to upload your own models? In this video you get an impression of this possibility.

    On this wiki page more info is available about how to use this option

    Maybe this is a valuable addition to your question and Rudolfs answer :)

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your prompt response.

    I'm trying tu use Tygron for a project that seeks the implementation of food production in cities. So, I need to create new models to differentiate, for instance, a green roof from an edible roof. Or a lawn park from a vegetable garden. So, I think the 'sketchup model import' that Hansje shared is a good solution. However, the option to import 'slpk' files doesn't appear on my computer. Is maybe a license issue? I use the ICRA's educational one.

    Thank you again and best wishes.

  • edited February 13

    Hi @jpueyo,

    The import SLPK option can be found in the Geo Data Wizard.

    However, this option in the Geo Data Wizard is available on the Preview server.

    At the end of February, the LTS server will be updated with new functionalities, such as this import SLPK option.

    Tygron support team

  • Hello @jpueyo,

    The upgrades you name in your post are all possible to create with the option Rudolf mentioned. The function vegetable garden is even a function that is already present in the Platform (in the function category Parks) so that is easy to create as a pair in an upgrade. And the edible roof can be created very easily as a variation of a green roof. You can choose which one of the options that are explained in the posts you want to use. Nice to have options I think ;)

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Hi,

    I suppose when we have the models that we want to implement on Tygron, some of them can be already existing functions, others could be easily created by modifying a function and others should be imported.

    Indeed, nice to have options.

    I'm so grateful to you all for your help. Thank you very much.


    Josep Pueyo-Ros

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