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Meaning of exported excel

Hi everyone,

I am confused on the the meaning of exported excel. As you see the image below, the first row contained budget and budget environemental scientist score. Thus, I would ike to know, what is the difference between budget and budget score?

The second question is the I the number 22.7 on the column of "Trafic Noise score" and Trafic Nitrogen Dioxide Score", why the results come to 22.7 instead of 33.33 (100/3 indicators)?

Your answer and contribution would be really appreciated.

Thank you.





  • Hello Shiuan,

    Thank you for your question. When I look at your excel I see this is an export from the action log in a session.

    The difference between budget and budget score can be explained as followes. The budget is the actual budget, so when you preform an action the price of this action is extracted from your budget (budget is a stakeholder specific indicator and therefor can differ per stakeholder). The budget score is the score related to the target that is been set for this indicator. For more information on the budget indicator please go to the support wiki

    For your second question I would like to inform you about the indicator weights

    As I understand correctly you assume the score is a result of the derivative of the ammount of indicators. This is not the case. The indicator weight tells more about the importance of the indicator (by default 100/3 when you have 3 indicators in you project) while the score tells more about the situation in your project area. The score is set per indicator. For more information about the score for these two specific indicators please go to the support wiki on the and pages.

    I hope this will help you understand the excel.

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

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