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Tygron in a course - Setup and Facilitation

edited January 29 in Education


We are using Tygron for a course (teaching students about scenatio planning for sustainable cities). The students will do the following tasks:

  1. Create an individual project.
  2. Create a project in a team of two.
  3. Create a project in a team of four.
  4. Play climate game (in three groups of four members each).

At this moment we are preparing for the class. Regarding set-up and facilitation we have few questions and we seek for your support.

  1. For the tasks creating a new project (1, 2 and 3) the students shall have "Editor" account?
  2. Each student shall have their individual Tygron account. That means we shall send an invitation to each student separately?
  3. We tried to pilot test climate game. As a facilitators I was able to see other users (laptops in the network) waiting to join. When I tried to join them I always got an error message "the user is already assigned to another project". Although there was no other session active. How can I get through this error?
  4. As a facilitator can I also visualize (and control) every students' project when they are working remotely at home?

Looking forward to suggestions and solutions!





  • Hi Somesh, good to hear you are preparing the course! on part of your questions:

    yes, you can create an account for each student that will be working on a project and give him/her editor rights. You can find the details here:

    Whether you can look into projects yourself, or even edit them, depends on the rights that are given under the 'file' section in the project. There, the project owner can give or deny your access. Once the correct rights are given you can indeed join a project from another location.

    I will have to get back to your error message later, we have to look into it because we cannot reproduce it straight away.


    Tygron Support Team

  • thank you very much Hedi, we will look for ward to your suggestions.


  • We tried again and found that we are able to invite other players for Climate Game 5.1, but when we try to run a multi-stakeholder session in own created projects we get this error message "the client laptop ---- is already assigned to a session"

  • Hello Somesh,

    I would advice you to watch the admin interface video tutorial and the session set up video

    Here all instructions are given on how to connect clients to the session. There are two ways of connecting them so you can try both ways.

    I think you will have enough info from this video's to solve this problem.

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • thanks a lot for the reply Hansje. We have been trying it the way as it is explained in the tutorial videos. Every time when we start a multi-stakeholder session using our own project, it shows us available laptops but when we press on the number to connect we get an error "the client laptop ---- is already assigned to a session" (this doesn't happen when we set up a multi-user session with climate game). That's why we wanted to where are we going wrong.

  • May I ask if the laptops you try to connect are already hosting an editor project?

    To be sure you can close all sessions and check in the options if there are still some active sessions (main menu->options->active sessions).

    If there are active sessions, please canel the session (see prinscreen) so you can start over again.

    Also, the name of the laptop you try to connect is displayed in the error message. This can help you get an idea of which laptop causes this error.

    Does it happen with all laptops you try to connect or only with some specific ones?

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Many thanks Hansje for the prompt reply. We have tried it with no sessions active (as you have shown in the print screen above). Also with different user permissions (editor, or host session, or join only). It is actually like this, in same conditions when we start multi-user climate game, it works, but if we try to do it with any of our own created project then it doesn't connect with other laptops. This is happening with every laptop. So I am not sure where is the mistake with our own created projects.

    Our idea during the course is that students will create their own (multi-stakeholder) project and invite their team members to play.

  • Hi Somesh,

    The idea to let students make their own project and play together is very cool! And is also possible so let's try to find out why it is still not working now.

    Are there more than one stakeholders present in the project?

    May I ask to open teh project for support so I can look at it?

    I want to make a copi of the project and testit myself. Hopefully I can find out what is going wrong.

    You can open teh project for support by going to File->details-> select in the the support drop down menu read rights.

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Hello Somesh,

    I have made a copi of the project and set up a multiplayer session without a problem so the project itself is correct.

    Now we need to find out why it is not possible for you to set up a session.

    We have tried to reproduce the problem and it coours when we send an invite to the client, do not accept or decline this invite, notice the option to invite this client pops up again in the facilitator screen, click again on the team number to send an invite to this client. Now the error apears. If this is what happens with you, it's beacuse the invite is already send to this client and is still pending.

    Therefor I want to ask you if you have tried to join the mulit user session via join on the client computer? If not, please give this option a try. If you did already, what is the outcome of this option? Are you able to connect to the game session?

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Many thanks Hansje for your consistent support. At this moment we are trying with a two player (two-stakeholder) project. It is titled as "double-player". We created two stakeholders (1) Municipality, (2) Building company. As a test run we want to create a situation where building company's goal is to build more and more buildings, municipality's role is to improve livability by controlling heat stress.

    I experimented a solution, it was just above your suggestion 😃.

    File->details->select in the other users in the same domain drop down menu Write rights.

    So while saving a new project , the project creator shall give "Write" permission to other users in the same domain.

    Thank you very much for the solution!

  • Hello Somesh,

    I'm happy to hear that it worked out for you.

    I must admit that I do not completely understand why this was the solution to your problem.

    You mention you wanted to do a test run. It is true you need to give permission to others in your domain to join you project in editor modus and start a test run.

    Why this was the answer to your problem with the Multi user session is not clear to me. Maybe we can clear this up another time. For now I'm happy you can continue working on the project!

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Hi Hansje, today we tested and it worked. We can now invite multiple users to participate in own created projects. We are running the course next week (Monday to Thursday), and indeed I would really like to share and discuss the experience, and feedback with you in detail.

    Many thanks for your support!!

  • Hello Somesh,

    My colleague Rudolf has looked at this issue as well and concluded that when you set the rights to Read the error does not pop up as well. So it is correct that when teh rights are set to none it is not possible to join a mulit user session. The error message that is given does not explains why it is not possible. We fiile a bug report about this. Thank you for keeping us informed and helping us to improve our software.

    Have fun with the course! And please post some pictures of the projects that are created. That is always nice to see and share with our users.

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Thanks a lot Hansje! you've really helped us very much in the preparations. This is an excellent support. We will keep you posted about next week's outcomes.

    many thanks!

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