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Watermodule: mijn pump werkt niet mee!

edited January 24 in Water


Mijn vraag gaat over de watermodule waarbinnen ik een grondwater overlay aan het opzetten ben voor een project.

In mijn tygron project heb ik alle kunstwerken ingeladen met GeoJSON bestanden.Echter zie ik de invloeden van de pump (gemaal) niet terug in beide de 3D visuele simulatie als op de waterbalans. Hierdoor ontstaat er een enorme influx van water die polder niet verlaat.

Het lijkt er op alsof dit kunstwerk totaal niet meedoet in de berekeningen. Wel staat het kunstwerk ingeladen in de 3D wereld met de juiste stroomrichting en attributen waardes. Hierna heb ik gecheckt of het kunstwerk lang genoeg is en daarmee beide wateren verbind, dit is het geval

Enig idee hoe dit optelossen, of waar de fout zit?

bij voorbaat dank,





  • Hello Max,

    Thank you for posting your question on our forum. We have some questions about your case so we can clarify things to see what is happening in your project.

    It is not weird you don't see anything in the waterbalance in the first place. You try to shift water from one place to another place in the same category so the outcome will be the same ammount of water.

    But let's try to figure out what you expact to see and what is happening.

    May I ask:

    -Is it possible you have some areas in your project which do not calculate? And if so, do you try to shift the water to one of these areas?

    -What kind of result type do you visualize in your overlay?

    -When you select the pump in the Constructions and take a look at the attributes, what is the amount of water in the OBJECT FLOW OUTPUT attribute?

    -Can you try to see a difference in the overlay with or without the pump? You can check this by using the 'save overlay result' option in the right panel (where you also find the update now function). Here you can save the results with the pump, change the situation and compare the results.

    I hope you can answer these questions so we can help you with solving this problem.

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Hi Hansje,

    I found the solution for this problem! Harm advised me to import my pump as a negative inlet point as or goal with the pump in simply to remove water out of our system and not transfer what towards another water level area. The not working pump was due to a misunderstanding of the way how you have defined the working of the pump. It wasn't working as it wasn't connected to a second water level area, which would have been needed to transfer the water throught the pump system.

    Thank you for your help, the tips you gave where insightfull and helped me further adjust my model!

    Kind regards,


  • Hello Max,

    Thank you for getting back at us and inform us about how you have solved your problem! I'm happy to here it worked out for you.

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

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