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How to get the 'Rainfall' for a certain point via de TQL via de API

In the Tygron viewer you can select a point an the details including the 'Rainfall' is shown.

How to get the same value via the TQL (API)

This is the TQL statement, as far I found out my self. (GRID 4 - Rainfall)


The question is, how to add the where for a certain point on the map?


  • Hi Tauw 15,

    It is not possible to get the data via TQL from one particular grid cell.

    You can use the GRIDAVG or GRIDVOLUME in combination with a neighborhood or area clause to get the average or volume of water stress in a neighborhood or area.

    Or combine the LOTSIZE with a MINGRIDVALUE and MAXGRIDVALUE to know how much surface area is covered with a certain amount of water stress.

    See for example the from our Indicator library.

    Alternatively, you could consider to export the GeoTIFF data or use the WMS GetFeatureInfo to get the water stress per grid cell.

    Tygron support team

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