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Long calculation time? Make use of the Calculation panel!

The Calculation Panel allows you to manage your calculation time with several option:

  1. The Auto Update Indicators can be turned off to manually decide when to make a recalculations changes in the project to
    the existing indicators.
  2. Choose Reset to X Queries if the amount of areas or neighborhoods is changed (for example by adding or removing an
    area/neighborhood). Choose Reset to Start Values if the amount of areas or neighborhoods stays the same (for example if
    you only changed an attribute of an area or if you did not use X Queries in your Excelsheet.
  3. The performance overview shows an overview of the components in a project and their calculation time. If your project
    performance is slow, check the overview to see which component(s) could cause this.
  4. The GPU cluster overview shows the different GPU clusters that are available for calculation and their status. If they are
    busy with calculating components of another project, it will be visible here.

More information on the Calculation panel can be found on our wiki:

982 x 473 - 116K


  • See also this video about the Performance overview panel (in Dutch):

    Tygron support team

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