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Raster and geojson imports

For a case in Limburg I try to implement several cases where the same canal is shown with different cross sections. The cross section of the canal is adjusted with the elevation map which I imported in Tygron. With some struggling I managed to add it, but for usability I have some suggestions/questions:

  • Very nice that you can import rasters which are not entirely covering the area. But why is it not possible to import multiple rasters in this way?
  • When I imported rasters larger than my project extent, the file was not imported without any error message. Is it possible to add an error message when the raster files are outside the extent of the project? The same holds for polygons in a geojson file (for the implementation of inlets for the flooding module)
  • Or can it be included that the extent of the raster import file is atomatically adjusted to the project extent?

Looking forward to your reactions!


  • Hello Christian, I don't understand the question about importing rasters completely. Can you explain it a bit further? It is possible to import multiple raster datasets that do not cover the entire project area. In the Terrain --> Select Elevation geotiff menu you can import multiple rasters and apply them (one by one) on your project.

    About the rasters larger than the project area, how do you know that the raster file was not imported? Usually, when the data is larger than the project extent, the data is clipped. Only the data that is in the project area is imported. The same is true for vector data. Data outside the project extent is not imported. If all of the data is outside the project area, you will get an error message.

    I hope this will answer your questions partually and that you can clarify it more so we can help you get a clear answer.

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

  • Hello Hansje, I used -> Select Elevation geotiff menu for two situations.
    1. When I imported multiple rasters (one-by-one) the table shows only the first raster however I expected to see all the imported rasters in the table. Is this how the table of the Select Elevation geotiff menu works?
    2. When I imported a raster with larger extents the table remained empty without any message. So I assumed that the raster was not imported.

    I just started with Tygron Platform Preview, so it is possible that I interpreted the Tygron interface not correctly.

  • edited March 13

    Hi Christian,

    When importing multiple rasters, they should appear in the table. The table shows all the rasters you have imported. When you select one and click on Apply, the raster data is applied and used for the Digital Terrain Model in your project. With multiple rasters, you have to select and apply them one by one. If you don't see your rasters in the table, then I also don't think they are imported. Can you try:

    • to check the checkbox for Import with Override CRS
    • choose the correct CRS for your data (Coordinate Reference System, in the Netherlands Amersfoort/RD New (EPSG 28992) is widely used
    • then click on Import new Geo Tiffs and select your raster file

    Can you let me know if you succeeded in importing the data in this way?

    With kind regards,

    Tygron support team

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