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Increasing the density of objects

Hi Tygron,

How do I change the density of some objects? If I place bicyle racks on the map, for 100m2 it shows only 1 rack. How can I increase this so it shows more. To make things more aesthetically pleasing.




  • Hi Sander,

    That is a good question! Very understandable that you want more racks visible per 100m2. This can be achieved by drawing multiple plots instead of 1 big plot. The furniture is placed randomly per plot. So more plots will show more furniture. This is the same for cars on parking lots, solar panels on roofs, trees, garbage cans, benches, etc.

    There is not a functionality you can adjust the density with, but maybe that can be a functionality one day. I will add this in a feature request. For now, I hope this will help you out as well.


    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

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