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Integration of bed level in water bodies of Tygron

edited February 14 in Preview

Hi support,

I believe the following question is currently already being addressed in some capacity by Rudolf. Even so, I'm still quite curious:

My question is how Tygron will try to implement water bodies into the model, now that a groundwater overlay has been added. Previously, when a terrain was marked as 'water', the DTM would lower several meters (2m, I think) and the surface would become water.

With the addition of groundwater, however, this doesn't seem to be a viable way of implementing water as terrain, since there is an interaction between Groundwater and Surface water. A stream, for insance, can't ever dry up if it is automatically build to have a depth of 2m beneath ground level. And groundwater can't deplete at a reasonable level if every body of water has several cubic meters of supply.

Are there any plans to address this particular topic in the Tygron engine? Or is there a way to circumvent the issue of unrealistically deep water bodies being added by the engine?

Thanks in advance for the response! (:



  • Hi Thomas,

    For the completeness...this was the answer to this question but I had posted it at a different question of you. This must be the correct answer to this question.

    Most information can be found on these two pages, but this is not entirely corresponding with your question, therefore I give you some additional information as well.

    On our preview version we are currently working on various enhancements related to water flow models, and one of them is indeed how we create a baseline of water bodies. In the new version, we relate the water depth and the angle of repose for the water bodies to the terrain in that area. Specifically during the generation of a new project area, when a water terrain is found in a project area, the water body is carved into the base terrain. The angle of the sides of the water body is defined by the ANGLE_OF_REPOSE of the underground terrain type, and the maximum depth to which a water body is carved out is WATER_DEPTH_M as defined for the surface terrain type. If the angle of repose is shallow enough and the water body thin enough, the angled sides may meet up before the maximum water depth is reached. In this case the water body will be appropriately shallower.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,
    Tygron support team

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