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Set coordinates in QGIS for import into Tygron

Hi, Im working on a import from Sketchup (export as DXF) and I drag and drop it into QGIS, save it as a GeoJS file and I manage to import (drag and drop) it into Tygron. When I do that I get the error "Detected CRS: urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::3857 Numer of Features in this project map: 0".

Well in this forum I found out that this has to do with to coordinates and that there is something wrong with them. I know the proper coordinates of the location where I want to import the building to but I cant figure out where I can change/ set the coordinates... and its driving me mad.

I notised that multiple members got the same issue but the comments om the forum stops before I can find soloution (thats why I'm asking the same kind of questions).

Hope to hear from you!

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  • Hi Frederick,

    Yes, I think this has something to do with the coordinates. What could be the problem is that either the data in your dxf file is not in the right location or that you did not open the dxf file in QGIS in the right Coordinate Reference System (CRS). Did you also see this Wiki page ? Here are the steps for converting a dxf to a GeoJSON described in more detail, maybe this is also helpful for you.
    Can you otherwise send your dxf file to Then I can check your file for you to see why you can't import it.

    Tygron support team

  • Morning Godelief,

    Thank you for your response. I will give this a try and get back to you if it works or not.

  • Hello Godelief,

    It took a while to respond but I succeeded in loading my own model in Tygron, but this did go through a long difficult detour. I'm sure you guys have an way easier way for doing this.

    I continue to find it difficult to get the geo location right. Isn't there a video tutorial on how the process goes from 'import dxf' to 'import in Tygron'? or even better, from export SketchUp (what steps to take) to 'import Tygron'. (the geo wizard process works fine btw)

    I am guessing that a whole bunch of people will be very happy about a video tutorial and that you guys will be pleased to not get the same questions over and over again ;)

    Hope to hear from you,

  • Thanks for the suggestion Frederick, we will see if we can make a (video) tutorial about it!

    Tygron support team

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